READY TO ENTERTAIN YOU! – Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter — Newport, NC — 20Nov2015

BlogNov2015_IMG_9868It’s that time of year again when we get together to have a good time and renew our commitment or become part of the solution for wildlife care and conservation. The Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter (OWLS) is inviting you all to our annual “Taste of Carteret” Silent Auction on Friday, November 20, 2015 at The Crystal Coast Civic Center in Morehead, City. This occasion is a night you will fondly remember forever!! Yes, there will be good food there. A buffet providing some of the tastiest treats our restaurants of Carteret County have to offer will definitely make it memorable, but there’s more. Live entertainment by Morris Willis, who knows what songs we like to hear, will be on hand to serenade us, which makes some of us want to get up and dance or sing, but there’s more. The silent auction is a competitive and fun way to Christmas shop or take home a few personal items and gift certificates for winning bids. Just ask Kathy K. how much she wanted that muted-green, retro lamp last year! The reasonable bids become great duo-deals because they benefit event guests and our shelter. All the money gained from the local business’s, donated treasures goes directly to help care for injured or orphaned wildlife being rehabilitated at the shelter at 100 Wildlife Way in Newport during the year, which runs in the thousands. Variables such as nastier weather than usual and time of year that could cause a less than smooth baby season will bump up the number of wildlife admitted to the shelter. BlogNov2015_JI7Z1479_PhoenixThe funds raised at this event specifically assist with feeding, transporting, housing and meeting all the medical needs of our patients; mammals, seabirds, songbirds, raptors, reptiles and amphibians! The scrumptious food, the gifts to be won and a first-rate music man is awesome entertainment for sure, but the most pleasurable and adventurous moments of the night will be your visits with our Animal Ambassadors who do such an amazing job representing their species and wild animals in general, as well as being a testament to the important and remarkable things the staff and volunteers do at the shelter for wildlife in distress in our area. Come hear their stories. BlogNov2015_IMG_0248The shelter’s resident birds of prey; Dinah (Barred Owl), Isabeau (Red-tailed Hawk), Phoenix (Peregrine Falcon) will be in attendance. The opportunity to see these magnificent birds up close is a rare and unique treat not shared by many. BlogNov2015_MG_1715_One of our resident opossums would love to meet you, but the three; Isabelle, Peggy and Little Girl, will have to draw straws to see who gets to attend this year! For those of you who get excited about reptiles or amphibs, Blanca and Otis will be making the scene, and who else might be on hand? We’ll know closer to event time! OWLS is a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to promoting and protecting native wildlife. Our cause is dependent upon the generosity of conservation and wildlife enthusiasts who feel as passionate about our mission as we do. Wildlife is important to the heritage, culture and heart of America and its important to preserve it as a legacy for our children. Although you cannot put a value on all the ways that the natural world enriches our lives, there are many tangible benefits to living in a world with strong and healthy ecosystems. We have a stronger economy, diverse food products and advancements in medical research all as a result of wildlife and natural ecosystems. BlogNov2015_Blanca_IMG_0248The value of wild animals in nature has long been recognized, but in recent years, the concept of ecosystem services developed describes a variety of benefits, direct or indirect, large or small. We’ve heard the buzz about bees, but many wild animals such as sea otters, bats and frogs have been recognized as environmentally important for the survival of numerous species, including humans. The Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter is a safe haven for our down east wildlife locals and those passing through during migration who become, orphaned, ill or who suffer injury. Having the means to give these animals their second chance is essential! If you came to our event last year, please come again, we need to catch up! If our biggest night on the town will be new to you, please put us on your calendar (Friday, November 20, 2015, Crystal Coast Civic Center – doors open at 6 pm and dinner is served at 6:30). Call OWLS at 252-240-1200 for tickets today. They are only $35.00 for a most wonderful evening steeped in good works. Bring your friends and relatives! They will thank you for such a marvelous time! If your schedule is too tight and you can’t make it, donations for the shelter or new item contributions for our silent auction will still be appreciated and you can help our wildlife in that way.  If you are in the area or if you just want to jet in for a GREAT, CAUSE RELATED time, hope to see you there!!!!  (Let me know, I’ll pick you up from the airport!!  : )

best always,

Linda Bergman-Althouse

author of “SAVE THEM ALL