Backyard Fatality . . .

As much as I love nature and nature loves me,
I can’t seem to escape the occasional backyard fatality.
Their hunt is aggressive but manners demure, it wasn’t a cat, that’s for sure.
Feline free roamers with pure criminal intent are not nature to me.
Wildlife has little defense against efficient sport killers as these.
With cats, death is usually quick and quietly carried away.
They leave no trace, there is nothing to know, no guilt to pay.
No . . . this was a hawk, Sharp-shinned or Cooper’s variety,
Who must also eat, so I reluctantly accept an occasional loss and know it must be.
Nature circles where I live; my grounds, my mind, soul, and in my heart.
Disjoined bed of feathers, tragic scenes such as these give way to guilt’s start.
Which to save . . .  is not for me nor others to say, it’s nature’s way.

I try to keep them safe with cover and food; the doves, cardinals, flickers, squirrels,
Wrens, bluejays, titmouse, robin, thrasher, chickadee, opossum and sparrows.
But there’ll come a day when one is not alert or fast enough to out sway,
And I shall gather up all that is left of one I encouraged to stay.
I’ll always love nature and nature will love me,
Just wish I could escape the tormenting backyard fatality.


Linda Bergman-Althouse, author of “Save Them All”


2 thoughts on “Backyard Fatality . . .

  1. Ah yes, the tell-tale sparrowhawk pile of feathers. I find these in my back garden from time to time, and occasionally see the hawk…

    just the other day I found a pile of black feathers. I was scared it was Tweetle, a rather tame blackbird that sits and ‘talks’ to me quietly whenever I nip out in the garden (hence his name 🙂 ) but Tweetle has turned up again since. That’s the danger if you start naming them! LOL!

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