Chimney Swift Tower Grant Proposal Passed!

Hello NORTH CAROLINA! Three cheers for the tiny housekeepers of the sky! My HUGE PUSH for our environmental partners, the CHIMNEY SWIFTS, has been REWARDED!! The proposal I forwarded to our state wildlife organization, WRNC, recommending an award of a monetary grant to assist organizations and individuals concerned with the conservation of Chimney Swifts in the State of North Carolina was approved by unanimous board vote on September 16, 2007. The following letter and application information is provided for North Carolina Residents and can also be used as a guide by other states who are concerned, as well, for benefits we all enjoy due to the migratory activities of the Chimney Swift.

Chimney Swift Tower Grant
Approved September 16, 2007 & Offered by the
Wildlife Rehabilitators of North Carolina, Inc.

Chimney Swifts, migratory birds that help decrease our dangerously high insect pest population, are in decline due to loss of habitat. Fortunately, Chimney Swifts are well adapted to man-made structures, so it is possible to create nesting habitat specifically for Swifts. If you are a member of an environmentally active group, an individual environment enthusiast, a WRNC member or nonmember, you may want to construct and maintain a Chimney Swift tower in your area to encourage Chimney Swifts, acrobatic insectivores who vacuum the sky at dawn and dusk, to return to your community each year. Wildlife Rehabilitators of North Carolina, Inc. (WRNC) would like to help. Our organization is offering a $300.00 grant to assist you or your group to undertake this valuable conservation project.


A. The Chimney Swift Tower grant application (Addendum) must be completed and submitted to WRNC no later than January 15.

B. Two references, with contact information, must be provided.

C. Selected tower location must be approved by Parks and Recreation of the town before construction begins (if tower is to be erected in a public park or access area) or approved by the landowner, if tower will be erected on private land other than your own.

D. A tower must be constructed and maintained in accordance with the guidelines contained in the book “Chimney Swift Towers, New Habitat for America’s Mysterious Birds,” by Paul D. and Georgean Z. Kyle, which will be provided to you if your grant request is approved. For further research and personal procurement of the Kyle Chimney Swift Tower booklet, guidance is provided online at

Note: A selected tower site must be a minimum 10’ by 10’ cleared area to
accommodate Chimney Swift flight and dive patterns.

E. Tower construction must be completed within three months after receiving WRNC
grant monies.

F. A completed tower must be branded with the erecting organization’s name (i.e. Boy Scouts of America, Onslow County, Troop 507 and as stated, “funding assisted by Wildlife Rehabilitators of North Carolina, Inc.” on erecting organization’s personal choice of wall or display panel.

G. A picture of the completed tower and copies of receipts for materials purchased in an amount not less than 90% of total grant money awarded must be sent to the address provided below.

Submit full application for the WRNC Chimney Swift Tower Grant in accordance with instructions provided at WRNC website:

Just a note to all future North Carolina mosquito residents, “Be afraid . . . . be very afraid!”

Linda Bergman-Althouse

author of “Save Them All” (except mosquitoes and other disease spreading insects)

UPDATE:   Since the above posting,  announcing the opportunity to apply for a Chimney Swift Tower Grant, I have received inquiries from a Scout Troop Leader, The Army Corps of Engineers and an organic farm owner situated close to the Virginia State line — all interested in applying for the grant and making a positive environmental difference.

My heart swells.



One thought on “Chimney Swift Tower Grant Proposal Passed!

  1. Interested in grant I remember as a young boy seeing swifts in my grand parents chimney. Iwould like to construct one on my property in Kinston N.C.with help from our kids at our Church. Thanks Sidney Wade

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