My Ten Plus Reasons

With so many choices, hundreds of thousands of books on the shelves, how in the world can a person narrow their take to a manageable number of reads over the summer? Guess you just need a little help from your friends. That’s how I get by.

Awarding winning poet, Nancy Tripp King, writes: “Linda Bergman-Althouse’s book, Save Them All, lingers with me long after I have placed it in its alphabetical order on my bookshelf of ‘Keepers.’ It wasn’t just that I learned so much about the nature of wild creatures (despite my growing up on a farm), it wasn’t just the easy flow of extensive events nor the ease of the dialogue and interactions between this northern transplant and all those southerners, who she portrayed with such justice and kindness; nor was it the complicated love triangle focused on Colbi, her lead character. It was the way this author dealt with prickly situations. I, as a reader, fell in love with Elliot, the ‘older’ doctor who befriended Colbi when she first came to Locus Point, and did not want him hurt. I began to wonder how she was going to handle my heart if he became the ‘one-not-chosen.’ The writer in me struggled with the notion that if she rejected and, therefore, hurt him, I would dislike this Linda Bergman-Althouse. Sometimes, we just need to take luxurious pleasure in love found within the pages of a book. Linda, with the ease and generosity that, I think, is her trademark, let love happen on a ride running the gamut of emotions. This, and her expertise with plot and character, allowed me to wallow in this wonder called ‘Love.’ And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what makes Linda Bergman-Althouse’s Save Them All a keeper.”

Nancy Tripp King authored “Tobacco Blossoms and The Pulled-Tight Twine,” a nominee for the Roanoke-Chowan Award For Poetry and “Those Days When Love Doesn’t Work,” which was selected and published as part of Main Street Rag’s Editor’s Select Poetry Series. Her most recent writing credits include Evansville Review, Concho River Review, Pembroke, Asheville Poetry Review, Iris, and a Pushcart Award nomination from Coal City Review.

It’s a fact. Self-publishing demands self-marketing. Therefore, I submit to you my 10 plus sane reasons to choose Save Them All for a perfect summer read.

IF: You are a person who doesn’t follow trends.
You want to live another life for 256 pages.
You want and need romance in your life.
You want to hone or manifest coping skills.
You don’t know what a Dovekie is.
You want to bathe in an invigorating story blessed with strong female, as well as, male characters.
You care about our natural resources including wildlife and want to know others care too.
You choose to spare yourself from yet another book that imagines our nation’s catastrophic decline.
You are going on vacation and want a book that doesn’t take up too much room in your travel bag.
You want to read an intriguing and unusually packaged novel, washed in peach, a cool summer color.
You want to vacation on the coast but because your funds are so scarce, your only ‘resort’ will be visual imagery.
You want to get to know me better.

AND you may choose Save Them All because Nancy Tripp King, a darling of a southern writer who delivers a mix of soothing and gritty prose we can all dance to, recommends it.

Basically there is no reason, I can think of, not to experience the subject author’s book! Check out my website for umpteen methods and locations offering Save Them All. If you’re an avid reader with a number of titles in mind, just add it to your summer reading queue. I recommend placing it on top of the pile and keeping it handy after the read just in case the second book in the stack causes you to want to revisit Locus Point, where romance and passion, awakened, go wild! Some people actually have time to read 4 or 5 books a week. I find that ability staggering, and I’m quite envious. I can just imagine all the adventures I’m missing. “One Day,” she sighed.

A Friend,

Linda Bergman-Althouse
Author of “Save Them All”
Coming Soon(er or later) – – “The Purple Fence”

2 thoughts on “My Ten Plus Reasons

  1. LOL! Whether or not you intended humor in the “Top 10” I loved the mix :). All of you shadow readers need to speak up! She doesn’t bite! (Very hard anyway :)).

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