Hot Town, Summer In The City

The temperatures are climbing and so is the need for my energy to spike to meet the heavy schedule I’ve committed to for the next five months. I find the more I write the more I’m asked to do. I have actually had to turn down a few requests because I also find I can’t do it all. Valuable time for writing has suffered because I went piggy on my plate and piled it too high. Recent world events in too many hot spots to list have also clouded my focus. Thank goodness the end of our college semester is near. I’m looking forward to the break so I can get to the beach, wring out my mind and start fresh. Yesterday, I sat in my car, outside the new science building, munching a granola bar (one of the good ones that cancels out all the health benefits because it’s chocolate covered) and just chilled before my 6 pm class; last class of the day. I kept scanning the new architecture and wondering if the PC tower to my computer and overhead projection system would be heavy enough to crash through the thick glass windowpanes if we needed to get out of the classroom in a hurry. New buildings just don’t have windows that open any more. I wondered if we could all drop and roll from the second floor to the hard, barren clay without major injury. I mulled over Friday’s arrest of a quite normal looking, high school senior from one of our county’s small towns. The student’s car, parked on school grounds, contained an A-15 semi-automatic Colt with 120 rounds of .223 ammunition. The private, staccato cognition wrenched my heart as real and hypothetical scenarios painfully shot through my brain like arrows, one after another. Fortunately, a snowy white Ringbilled Gull swooped on the descent past my car, distracting me from the discomfort of my, at least once-a-day, thoughts. I thanked him. Checking my side mirror, I saw him touch down in the lot and commence a tug of war with a Crow over a carelessly tossed Cheetos bag. It was intense. Both hungry birds pulled and pulled. Although the Crow was slightly smaller, he held his own. At one point they dropped the bag at the same time, squawked and cawed at each other, then both grabbed the bag again and yanked back and forth some more. With the second release by both allegedly deserving parties, the Crow did all the talking. The Gull stepped back without a squawk and allowed the Crow to shake the bag vigorously, sprinkling orange crumbs and one chunk of Cheeto on the ground. The Crow made off with the big piece and the Gull cleaned up the crumbs. Both had won. Just another example of effective communication; the key to understanding and satisfactory resolution. Now, back to my crazy schedule. I plan on country and city book touring this summer in my own casually subtle but reaching way. Central Illinois, Texas and New York City are on the itinerary. It will be HOT in New York City, and hopefully, in more ways than one. If anyone would like me to come your way for an author/book event, just let me know. There are festivals and readings at home to look forward to at Hammocks Beach, New River, Topsail Beach and the famously delicious Blueberry Festival inBurgaw. Come. Stop by the “Authorteers” corner at the BBF in June and we’ll share some warm kettle corn and cold blueberry cider. No matter what . . let’s find moments to laugh, days to love, and precious life to live. That’s how I roll.

Linda Bergman-Althouse

author of, “Save Them All”

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